Exhibition: Slipstream
Where: Carnation Contemporary 
When: Opening July 13, 5-8pm

Creation is a continuous process both internal and shared.
It exists as a series of instances, exchanges, and perceptions.
Sometimes it exists in private,
but it’s often uncovered in the place where we meet each other.

This month Brittney Connelly presents her latest exhibition, Slipstream, a blend of immersive art and experiential happenings. The opening night will be held on July 13th from 5 to 8 PM, and the exhibition will continue as a series of Friday night dinners and viewings open to the public throughout the month.

(Click here to learn more about the dinner component of this exhibition)

Slipstream is more than just an exhibition; it's an invitation to delve into the ephemeral beauty of our collective journey. Throughout July, the exterior world will merge with the interior of Carnation Contemporary, as a 62-foot curtain of rain will be installed and cascading within the gallery. Utilizing light, sound, and water, Connelly works to create space for introspection on memory and shared connections.

This work poses the question: Why do some places linger in our memories while others fade away with time? Slipstream seeks to uncover these hidden connections, folding the subconscious and the unrelated into our reality. It’s an exploration of everyday experiences and the unnoticed beauty within them. Throughout this work, Connelly attempts to capture the transient moments that define our existence.
Slipstream invites you to pause and appreciate the fleeting beauty of our shared moments. It's an opportunity to uncover the intricate threads of memory and connection that shape our lives.